Killer Flavor: RAZZMATAZZ Raspberry Limeade

rasberry flavor

The RAZZMATAZZ Raspberry Limeade flavor is a delicious limeade and raspberry flavor that finishes off with a hint of strawberry. This mix makes for one of the most refreshing and surprisingly good flavors you will ever try. Tt’s an amazing e liquid that tastes as good, or better than the real thing. Even if you are not into fruity tastes, I would bet a vape or two might convince you that this one demands a repeat performance.

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Tobacco with vanilla and hints of caramel flavor

Sweet Tobacco

The Holy Grail RY4 Sweet Tobacco may become you favorite. It has just enough sweetness to take you to the promised land! The tobacco base is rounded off with vanilla and hints of caramel. It is never bitter or overbearing, nor is it too sweet. It is a satisfying tobacco flavor with the tiniest underpinning of sweetness. What’s more, the sweetness seems to kind of move around and change in intensity from hit to hit. This will likely be one of the best RY4 variations you have ever experienced.

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